The Company

Benostan has dedicated 25 years to clinical research on the beneficial action of plants and especially of the olive on skin.

Benostan Laboratories have both the aim and the mission to develop and distribute therapeutic and cosmetic products which address effectively and naturally dermatological, gynecological issues and issues related to the beauty of face and body, as well as the personal feminine hygiene.

Every Benostan product has been designed to provide a solution to a specific therapeutic or cosmetic need, to tackle effectively and naturally dermatological or cosmetic issues of the face, the body or personal hygiene.

The Philosophy

Benostan guarantees the quality and purity of its products as it imposes strict controls over the whole of the production process.

The quality and effectiveness of a herbal, therapeutic or cosmetic product is due to the careful selection of the raw materials, as well as on extraction the and production process.

The main active ingredients extracted from herbs are:

  • Catechines (catechine - epicatechine): anti - swelling action.
  • Flavonoidic glucosides (routoside, hiperoside, quersetin): strengthens the inner walls of the capillaries, present anti - swelling action and a vitamin P action.
  • Tannines: astringent, anti - inflammatory, flebocontractive, haemostatic action. Vitamins C & P: protective effect on the capillary inner walls, reduces of the capillary diameter.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol): protects the epidermis due to its anti - oxidative, anti free - radicals properties.
  • Linoleic acid: regenerates the skin tissue.
  • Carotenoids: heal the skin tissue.
  • Alcohols and phenoles (vorneol, cineole): analgesic, Anti - neuralgic, styptic, skin healing.

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